FDA:Union Food Recall Terminated: 20
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Product recall in 2009


In March 2009, a time that UIF can never forget, a news report of food poisoning in Oregon appeared on the media. A restaurant customer became ill after dining in a Vietnamese eatery. FDA inspectors found an uncovered container of Lian Hwa white pepper in the restaurant’s kitchen that was contaminated with salmonella. The bacteria were eventually identified to be Salmonella rissen originated from the white pepper corns imported from Southeast Asia.


Once the source of contamination was identified, agents from FDA and the Food and Drug Branch (FDB) of California Department of Public Health descended on our facility at Union City, where the same contaminants were found. On March 30, UIF promptly initiated a voluntary product recall on 57 items the company distributed and sold in the United States.


After several months of close interactions with the government and facility/operation improvement consultants and agencies, on August 13 FDA and FDB removed Lian Hwa White Pepper from the list of products prohibited for sale. And, on December 8, 2010, an official notification was issued by the Department of Health and Human Services at FDA of the final completion of its audit on the recalled products and their disposition.


The ordeal, which literally brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy both financially and in reputation, has been unspeakably painful. However, as Daniel Chen said in the press conference on the eve of the lift of product ban, UIF has gone through the traumatic experience to rebuild the operations and give rebirth to the business, and now began to repair its once tarnished reputation. In retrospect, it was a blessing in disguise. Because of the unfortunate mishap, for the large part UIF was the victim of the contaminated raw material, the company has upgraded its processing facility, implemented GMS/SSOP/HACCP programs, and improved its management. Today, Daniel Chen personally vows to continue providing his clients with the products of premium quality and service of 60-year supreme tradition.